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Rational Combi Oven SCC-WE 202
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Jual Rational Combi Oven SCC-WE 202

Spesifikasi Rational Combi Oven SCC-WE 202

Ideal for meat, fish, poultry, side dishes or bakery products
Perfect results as the oven automatically detects the type of food, size & quantity
This one unit allows baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching, poaching & many more
Self Cooking Mode - Clear, easy-to-use, intuitive control panel offers a choice of food types & cooking styles.  Simply select the food you are cooking and how you want it cooked, following step-by-step prompts on the control panel.  Then leave the rest to the self cooking cente, simple!
Saves money and time by cooking 15% faster than conventional combi ovens
Conserves vitamins, minerals and nutrients
Save money on Staff training with the simple to use controls!
Option to use on Combi Steamer mode for full control
Temperature range from 30 to 300C
Capacity: 20 x 2/1GN or 40 x 1/1GN
Production: 300-500 meals per day
Water Supply: 3/4 inch
Drain Connection: 2 inch
Size: 1084 x 996 x 1782mm (LxDxH)
Warranty: 2 Year Parts and Labour

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